Life – Just a Dream

After long time was just Sitting Idle thinking about life (Which is Rare in My Case๐Ÿ˜‚), I thought lets just express my thoughts to the world this time. And the running thought was – “what if our Real Life was just a Big Dream in Reality” – A dream that Starts with our Birth and Ends with our Death.

Just imagining Life as a dream I saw my life in a most perfect Spiritual trance. The thought of No strings attached came with a spirit of So Much excitement.. Woooaahh… I saw my life where there was no stress of Learning, Achievements, Survival, growth, failure and most importantly there was no fear of Death. As in this case death is only the moment where real dreamer actually wakes up, In short there is no death at all as in dream there is no actual life.

Also as we have no control over our small dreams (thats why many have weirdest Dreams๐Ÿ˜จ), we are also in same way are free birds where the real Dreamer has no control over us. (except till he doesn’t Wake-up to end that dream).

Infact We have the option to give the Best, Worst, Weirdest, Simple, horrifying, etc., Dreams to the actual dreamer. Its all on us.. And I think as most of us actually never remember our dreams. The real dreamer for which our life is a dream may not also remember most of the things any of the time. This thought itself is just so exciting.๐Ÿ˜‰.

After our so called illusional Dream life ends, everything in body and mind also ends in just split of a second leaving no evidence of existense behind. All relations, bonding, happiness, sadness, ego, aspirations, money etc. vanishes as if it never existed. All just end when dream ends.

Adding to this Point further, if we see our world as an outsider, our world also seems nothing but a dream. Imagining a Planet Earth which contains millions of living varied species and our beautiful mother nature helping survive this millions of species with its so beautifully planned eco systems. And not forgetting extra bonus to we Humans in this Earth. It has also given immense scope to Human to further enhance the world with technology and creating another wonders. The way the Mobiles, GPS, Uber, Swiggy, Amazon is working at present was a dream in a dream to our very fathers and creating a home in Mars and Moon is a dream in a dream itself to us. Creating a Reality in a dream is again one wonderful experience as there is nothing to loose if we fail but can get hell lot of wonderful dream experience if we succeed.

And whats more interesting in this dream that Earth is just one minuscule Planet in the Cosmos. Sometimes I wonder is it possible to create this entire cosmos by one master mind which we usually refer as GOD.??? Logically It really seem that its a Dream world of our imagination and not actual creation. Because to built such a magnanimous cosmos which contains innumerable objects like planets, sun, moons, stars, etc that are bonded with each other so meticulously, well I do not think, one actually can..

Yes I can still imagine one power that can make the billions of energy to dream themselves in same World together and start building on that dream world by themselves. In Short we are just part of that billion energy who is imagining ourself together in this Planet called Earth.

However real answer to this would be realized only after our this Dream Ends.

Also As we see the Dream World of atleast human species in whole, I can actually relate it to small dreams that we have. Logically our small dreams when we sleep are mostly illogical.๐Ÿ™„. And actually in Big dreams also most of us have already created a Big Fuss.. There is so much panic, stress, aspirations, expectation, etc. which most of the time is needless. Most of us are running mindlessly without thinking purpose of Existense.

And finally to conclude this wierd thinking, I franky realised that we just need to live at present, and start making this dream beautiful (in one own’s imagination) and yes most importantly have no fear as we are nothing but just a Dream. โ˜บ

I was so in double mind today that whether to start my first blog expressing such weird thoughts to the open world, but than I thought that what difference will it make (Ki farak padega), I am just a dream with no strings attached. ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Published by Jatin Thacker

Entrepreneur by Profession. Explorer by Hobby.

6 thoughts on “Life – Just a Dream

  1. Itโ€™s a beautiful thought brother, so close to a deeper reality that life indeed may be a dream, only to wake up to a reality called death! Keep those thoughts flowing ๐Ÿ˜Š


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