Avoidable Good Things and Irresistible Bad Things

Certain times I wonder why most bad things are too good to resist and most good things are too bad to avoid.🙄🤔.

This Subject has been in my mind since long but I prolonged to ponder my thoughts on this and get it sorted. However today came the point where it started annoying me🙄. And here I came to write on this weird but the possible fact point in Human Psychology.

Below few examples are some common experience that many of us might have came accross.

  1. Most Yummy Foods contains too Much Fat / Cholesterol.
  2. Most Healthy Foods are too dull to eat.
  3. All Natural Herbs that is too good for health are so much bitter.
  4. Most man made sweets/namkins that are too bad for health are too tasty.
  5. Adding fat belly is so easy and getting in shape is too tough.
  6. Short temperament, jealousy, cynicism, easy money shortcuts, breach of commitments are routine affairs.
  7. Hard work, helping hands, optimism, genuineness are now rare affairs.
  8. Humans easily spend so much money to get addicted to smoking, alcohol, pan masala which are bad for health.
  9. Its getting tough for humans to get addicted to meditation which is good for mental health and absolutely free of cost.
  10. Waking Up at 4:00 Am is good, however sleeping at 1:00 Am is convenient.

This list can go on with Many such things but my only quest is WHY. ?

Does bad things are made irresistible for a reason. ? Does our life goal is to only pass all above litmus test where we have to struggle for good things. ? WHY Avoidable Good Things and Irresistible Bad Things ?

It was now time to try get real deeper in this topic. First thing I thought was to find Major root cause of bad things. And I realised that bad things are usually Exciting (E.g.:- Alcohol, Prostitution, Unhealthy Food, Etc. ), Convenient (Eg. Laziness, Easily Accessible, cheating, etc) and sympathizing (E.g. People usually try to Sympathize it). In short Bad things usually are full of Sense Enjoyment.

However if we look at effects of the Bad things then i.e. Short-lived, Ambiguous, Regressive, Lack of Self Respect, with/without bad ego and lastly pessimism.

Even the causes of bad things are attractive, the long-term effect on the mind and body of all bad things is negative. So where do we go from here? After all, there must be a superhero to slay the strong villain to make the picture successful. In our case, this selfless hero is a “good things”.

Most of us know above effects and causes. Many of them are well experimented and known to the Human Species, E.g. Staying fit, leaving bad Habits / Addiction are proven good things for well being for any human being. Then why still most of human being (Including me) are not able to seamlessly execute good things.?

Even though this helped to understand Bad things better but it did not lead to the answer of my Question, WHY irresistible Bad things?

But Why do we Fear ??

Thinking more on it I found one factor that can be the major cause that leads to irresistible bad things  i.e. “Fear of Failure / Fear of being to true to oneself” . Fear is the one of the best tools used in a worst way in human psychology.

Well I always believed roots of the most Fears is Generally Lack of Trust / Confidence in one own self. Here can be some few common examples of daily acquaintances of fear / lack of trust.

  • Fear of Society:- Negative repurcurssions not tandem to general Situation (Eg. Corruption in India) even though one is Right ?. That fear / lack of trust to stand for the right is major cause.
  • Lack of Genuinity:- This is more prevelant in the Society. Getting Bankrupt, Breaching commitment, Frauds are day to day encounter. The people who do not trust their ability only resort to such short sighted acts.
  • Fear of Seclusion.:-  (E.g. When I was kid, there was time I really wanted to improve my vocal english, so to do that, I thought to communicate in english with as many peers as possible. But when I did in my school with my friends, I was termed braggart (Bahut Style Marne Laga hain English Bolke). I was secluded in my Journey of Learning.)
  • Lack of Action:- I many times observe people not attempting only due to lack of trust. (E.g. I cannot be next Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Warren Buffet, Sachin Tendulkar or Healthy Person etc.) And we accept ourself as normal common man and this irressistable bad things become very much part of our Life.

Lack of Trust within one own self hinders choosing good things even though backed by its logical benefits.

Rightfully, I can be healthy only by trusting my ability and those yummy unhealthy foods will be avoidable. Those natural herbs would become irresistible because I know it’s the key to my Good Health. Sleeping Early would become a Normal Good habit to get that extra peace of mind in early morning. Recklessness would be more constrained. Bad habits / addiction will also be constrained if you trust you can be more peaceful / happy if you have healthy life. In Short, once there is trust within one own self, strong determination, hard work, concentrated work will come Handy.

However Lack of trust is not only villain in this story. There are some other missing Joints.  Below two Real different examples of my own Life will help us understand more.

Example. No 1:- “I started meditation before few months and continuing till date without any break because it is now irresistible part to spend time with my own inner self.”

Example No 2:- “I stopped my Physical Health Yoga after 45 days successful activities. In that 45 days I actually felt healthier, got complimented with enhanced trust among my friends and relatives.  They shared my Health story as an inspiration to others. But then also I stopped !!!. “

And this whole blog was to find the answer of above Example itself. Why I Stopped. ?

Well definitely it was not only Lack of Trust within my own self. Because I trusted that I could have done it. And I still trust myself that I can do it (First stage Passed).

What I realized that back of my mind I found there is no emergency for me to get healthier. My health except little extra fat Belly is actually fine / tolerable.. I just thought that I can still delay it but I definitely would do this in future.

Its general state of mind  when we elongate some things with some commonly found excuse as “When time of emergency will come I will do it.” or “right now I have other priorities or I have situation to handle, after handling this I would do it “

So other major mental Virus that leads to avoidable good things is none other than we living life in past and future. Most of Indians must have studied this kabir doha, “काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब । पल में प्रलय होएगी,बहुरि करेगा कब ॥” (Meaning:- Do all jobs of tomorrow today and all jobs of today need to be done now. If life ends in next moment when will you do your work. )

Ironically second thing which came after Lack of Trust was our foolish trust itself that we going to live the life very next moment.🤣.  

Relax, I am not gonna preach now to live life at present as everyone has to introspect this universal accepted thought and accommodate at their own level. So lets end with this thought itself.

Lastly I am seriously laughing at this juncture because I never really imagined the End when I actually started writing this Blog. I actually know that Goods Things can be more irresistible and bad things more avoidable. Its just a different state of our Mind. My Blog may or may not be probably helpful to others but it’s actually helping me.

And yes Your comment on this blog (Positive / Negative), your act of sharing this Blog and your one click likes will boost my outer layer trust even More😁 .

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