My experience with United Arab Emirates

Today, at the end of my visit to Dubai, I realized how much the vision of the top leaders / rulers, can build such an exemplary country as the United Arab Emirates. And it’s not just about exemplary infrastructure, it’s more about exemplary culture. A culture where the vision is to view humans as just humans rather identify with gender, color, caste or belief.

Seeing that, I learned more about how their ruler was able to do that. I learned that their leader, starting with Sheikh Zayed II bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, had immense community interaction. Where for business and infrastructure, they routinely came to Diera Market (Dubai Market place) and interact with traders how to make Dubai a global business center. In addition to that, a thought and an implementation of the universal civil code appeared, where there was a chance that every ethnic group could be part of the United Arab Emirates.

Having traveled around the world, they imagined how Dubai can be the epicenter of all the best things happening in the world. Whether it’s expanding trade, expanding culture, expanding infrastructure, expanding technolog)y, expanding tourism, etc., they’re trying to achieve excellence across the board. Even though Dubai’s trading community is currently experiencing a severe recession. Yet their love, respect and understanding of the actions of leaders, give a lot of respect for the bidirectional openness of citizens and ruler.

I travelled extensively on public transport systems during my visit, and I have enjoyed the thoroughness with which all care is taken for the safety and comfort of citizens.
Also I had some negatives to share, lately I realized that this is not specific to the United Arab Emirates but to each country of this earth.

So Big Thumbs Up for UAE for their adaptation of Multi Culture with warm acceptance of Diversity.

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Entrepreneur by Profession. Explorer by Hobby.

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