My experience with United Arab Emirates

Today, at the end of my visit to Dubai, I realized how much the vision of the top leaders / rulers, can build such an exemplary country as the United Arab Emirates. And it’s not just about exemplary infrastructure, it’s more about exemplary culture. A culture where the vision is to view humans as justContinue reading “My experience with United Arab Emirates”

A Tale of desires

A Tale of desires – English (Translated from Hindi) At times, the heart says:Let get swayed in the sounds of music.And there are times when the heart says,Let get drown in a silent ocean. Since all these desires stay just for a few moments,Can find no moment which ceases crave for another desire,Nor Can findContinue reading “A Tale of desires”

Book Recommendation – Practical Vedanta Philosophy

I just came across this wonderful book by Swami Vivekananda – Practical Philosophy from Vedanta.. It contains many speeches of him which he gave in different parts of the world and also some direct discourses in the book. What a beautiful expression of Vedanta philosophy. Would love to share the end note which if understoodContinue reading “Book Recommendation – Practical Vedanta Philosophy”